Tuesday, January 29, 2008

SCADDY awards!

i was one of the finalist for the SCADDY awards and I went to the reception last Saturday. There was a lot of people dressed in black and food floating everywhere, exhibitions of finalists work in the lobby, and a well organized award show. Since I am not used to all the fancy stuff, I was sooo nervous the whole time but my illustration professors helped me relax so that was good:) i didn't get anything in the end, I felt like crap:( but because my professor said, "you can't win everything" in a elegant british accent (and a smile) the next day, I am feeling better:) Anyways, Congratulations to Yukiko and Sean! You two really did an awesome job!

so this is the exhibition they had at the lobby...

and the nominees are...

illustration on skin!

so i found a perfect paper to draw on.
....its aliiiiive!:)

i always was drawing on faces and arms and such in festivals.
and i thought, "why not draw my illustration on skin more?"

so the first victim:ignore the hairyness:O

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


in my self promotion class, i had to design my own logo.
i had about 30 sketches of just rabbits rabbits rabbits...
i just couldn't stop drawing RABBITS!!
i always had a passion for rabbits and people tell me i look like a rabbit also.

so... after presenting in class and little adjustments,
here is shiho hoshino's logo!

i added stars because my last name literally means "star field" (hoshi=star no=field) in Japanese.
now i am designing business card:)

Thursday, January 17, 2008


i have been working on the rabbit postcard. The process is fun but I am never satisfied with the finished look. i really need like a week to only concentrate on this. maybe the spring break will work. but as for now, i am not satisfied:(

speaking of "not satisfied"... i have been changing the work place in my room, cleaning stuff mainly, keeping everything simple as possible. theres 2 stations in my room i can do my artwork.
this is where i usually work. lots of papers, pens, brushes, toys, and random stuff i need when i am thinking. i usually play with things for no reason when i think. does that make me a weird kid?:)
this is mainly for printmaking. or simply when i want feel like a japanese girl. sometimes sitting on the floor helps me concentrate more. hehe

and... just because... I WANT:
but i already bought Gary Baseman and Tim Biskup's artbook, and DUNNY on the internet this month so i can't afford this... internet is a scary scary place... that's my lesson for this month! but i am excited about the stuff i got (or i am getting soon)!!!:)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

prints in process!

Since I came back from Japan, I have started to do some printmaking on the side. I took printmaking class last summer and I missed being messy and rolling things with paint, and all the exciting things I can't get with Photoshop. I made a card for Valentine's Day (kind of) with this printmaking. I hope to make it more professinal looking and with more colors soon.