Monday, June 16, 2008

Bucky the space nerd!

I did this "Bucky" character for Ryan Pate and he is going to make this as a 3D character! I am very excited because I have never seen my character in 3D and moving around the screen!

Friday, June 13, 2008

My fine art work

So I have been packing this week and I found some work I did in the past. I had to throw most of them away because it was too big to take it anywhere.

This charcoal drawing was done in senior year of high school. My art teacher gave me a little studio space and I remember drawing in that room, facing skeletons in the dark.
and I have no idea why I chose skeletons... I think skeletons are beautiful though.
Freshman year pencil drawing. I think I had to create some story with shoes.
This one took sooooooo long to finish. And my obsession with ducks starts to come out on drawings around this time.
Still life. I secretly loved drawing in the dark.
This one was the hardest I think. Liquid and glass combination was so confusing. But I like this one so I'm satisfied:) Oil pastels is the most fun material to work with!! I only stop doing it because it was messy... I forgot the subjects for these last two. But clearly an obsession with ducks and rabbits. haha

Monday, June 9, 2008


I finally graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design! I had "Magna Cum Laude" which I didn't know what it meant until later, and a "Outstanding Academic Achievement" award which I didn't know until few days before graduation. It was a good surprise and I am very happy about the results I got from SCAD. I remember being so scared on the first day of school because everyone had a great portfolio already and I was one of the art kids who didn't even know how to paint... But that gave me a extra boost for me to try harder and after 4 years, I still am bad at painting! But I learned a lot of other mediums to work with and also learned about gaining confidence, collaborating with others, and how to take critiques as critiques. I had so much fun in Illustration building and I will miss that place greatly. Thank you so much to all the friends and classmates and professors!