Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New stuff behind the scene

I have been experimenting with textures and I uploaded some of the finished. polished illustrations to my official website. The ones below are the experiments I did to get to the final pieces.

This one is inspired from my favorite wrestler. He is in the college wrestling team but also battled against professionals. It's not the typical wrestling but is based on comedy. I just loved how he does what he loves to do, and gives his all to everything. This is the final piece so you can compare them to below.

The one below took a lot of time and a lot of layers. I wasn't sure if the lines were needed, but when I changed the color of the lines, it looked like a print so I went with that one.For this one I tried to add a suddle texture because there was a lot of active linework. In the end I choose not to use any textures.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

"h-e-l-l-o" New York!

I recently moved to New York. I have visited New York about 4 times in the past but actually "living" in New York is a lot different. Few days ago, I randomly got a freelance job. So today I started working/researching at Bryant park. I never actually illustrated outside of my room. But since there was a chair and a table at Bryant park, I felt really comfortable drawing outside. Good weather was a big plus too. After working/researching for the job, I took some time out by actually looking around the park, observing people. New Yorkers walk so fast so my sketches are really rough and simple. I had so much fun sketching (and making up stories of people in my head)! Maybe Bryant park is a good place to work... hmm., hmmm:)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I have been...

Lately I have been trying new process in image making. Also I have gone back to using brushes for line work. I tried to sand them (Yuko Shimizu method) to give it a rough look. I'm still not sure about adding textures... I like textures but it's so hard to place them in a right place and not distract the image or composition. Any opinions? Do you like it, or not?