Sunday, January 25, 2009

Process process process...

This weekend I tried to color the line work I did during the week. I tried a new approach with line making. I usually use pen and ink for lines but I used pencils. I thought it would have a nice texture to the lines... and it looked good at the pencil line stage. However, when I started to color it in Photoshop, everything started to look veery digital...:( So here are some poor results.

So now I failed all the coloring, I think I am going to ink the lines and try it again. Hmm... it's going to be a long process but hopefully it will discover a good new image making process.

Monday, January 12, 2009

30x30 Alumni show!

I entered a contest for SCAD Illustration 30x30 Alumni show few months ago and I got an e-mail recently saying that I'm in the show! The piece above is the one they chose. I'm surprised and happy! And the thing that made me even more happy was my absolute favorite illustrator, Aya Kakeda is in the show too! I interviewed her 5 years ago as an assignment from Professor Danawi, and she has been my inspiration and an idol since. I WISH I could be in Savannah for the reception night...! Anyways, I'm super happy and if you are in Savannah on Jan 30-31, you might want to join the reception to meet cool successfull illustrators:)