Saturday, May 23, 2009

This week's Saturday Illustrations (plus process)

This week's Saturday Illustrations was about amount of Cocaine in the air of Spain. Yes kind of a crazy article, but I had fun. I kept the concept simple so I can focus on the looks of th people on drugs and the kids who looks normal. I also used a lot of textures with this one. I think I did ok on that part.

So here are some process...
1. Quick thumbnail. Just to get some ideas on the paper.

2. Draw shapes in Illustrator CS2 with wacom tablet and mouse. I'm trying to keep the shape as simple and flowy as possible here.2. More detailed parts of the faces also made with Illustrator. Again, trying to keep the shapes simple and graphic as possible.
3. Export all the shapes on Illustrator as JPEGs. Then in Photoshop CS3, add tons and tons of layers. Erase some parts, add them again, erase... until I am satisfied. It depends on the quality of the Illustration but I usually have more than 10 layers.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Zombie computerrr!

This week's Saturday Illustrations was about computer getting hacked all over the world to become a "zombie computer". I think it's funny how zombies are a trend now and everyone is trying to use that word. Anyways, because I started this illustration after noon on Saturday, I didn't have much time to put in details. Just a straight forward, simple zombie computer. Would you like to have one for your home?;)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

One of my Saturday Illustrations illustration is used for a real article!

So I got a call from a lady this afternoon. It took me a while for my brain to adjust but this lady wanted to use one of my Saturday Illustrations illustration for the article they did. It was the green collar illustration I did last week. At first I hesitated to be honest, simply because it happend so sudden. But I decided to give them thumbs up (over the phone) and ta-da! now my illustration is used for a REAL article! you can read them here...

I am always simply amazed at how people find my illustration:) That means I have to keep up with the skill, the idea, the eye for good art, and have a good heart.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


This week's Saturday Illustrations was about "ego surfing". This basically means that people google themselves to see how famous you are online. google are making something similar to facebook, so it can be a ego boost for ego searcher, and will be easier to find people's information on google. So my illustration is very simple and straight forward. I haven't done any illustration that has a lot of figures and details in a while. And I thought it was going to take me a while to get it right. But it was fun and relaxing process to finish this piece.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Revolution green jobs!

This week's Saturday Illustrations was an unusual one. The article was about how green jobs are growing and will be taking over the world. Green jobs means jobs that re related to making the earth cleaner and healthier. When I read the article, I immediately thought about revolution posters. So I tried to imitate it and make it a positive image. I wish I added more details but I think it is a good work for working on this in 5 hours (coming up with an idea to finishing the illustration;)) Hopefully I will have more time to experiment.