Friday, November 27, 2009

Experimenting day!

I got inspried by Antonio Frasconi's "See and Say" and started experimenting with textures, colors and line work. I really really love how the pencil line came out. I think I'm going to experiment more with this kind of grany, organic look. Antonio Fransconi does wood cuts and his use of shapes and colors are amazing! Especially when he layers colors with textures, his work really grabs me. Mmmm, now I need to do some printmaking!

Holiday cards!

Happy (late) Thanksgiving! Since I got 5 days of free time, and my family is too far away to visit, I worked on holiday cards. Usually, having time doesn't help me but this time I got to really work on ideas, composition, line work, colors, and textures. And I found out using tracing paper to figure out the composition helps me more than I thought. I need to work this way more often.

So here are the steps...

And final! (skipped the color and texture experiment part) There's more inside the card but it's a secret;)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Otter project

Couple of days ago, I finished a project for Georgia Aquarium. The illustrations was used for a presentation on Otters. There was apperantly people (scientists, biologists and so on) from all over the world to see this presentation. The otter basically pee on que into the cup. This way, it's easier to collect pee sample for various tests. I never knew otters are so smart!

So the project started with thumbnails to sketches to some color samples...

After few tweaks, below are the final images used for the presentation. I had so so so much fun with this project! I am secretly an aquarium nerd. I used to study about dolfins, did a overnight stay at aquariums, and probably visited more than 10 aquariums in 3 years. I am looking forward to visiting Georgia Aquarium soon and meet these cute otters!

Monday, November 2, 2009

This year's Halloween costume was...

For this year's Halloween I decided to make my own costume. And I though hand sewing everything was a easy, good idea (wrooong!) It took a while but... this is what I made!
Got it? It's MAX from where the Wild Things Are! I tried make it look more like a book than the movie.
And I wore it at work. (for an hour)