Sunday, December 27, 2009

Childhood influences - Children's book and comics

I was a book nerd. Well, I still am and love to collect books but...:) My mother loves buying children's book so I was never bored at home growing up. Below is part of children's book collection. My mother has a room just for reading them and we call it "Piggy's room" because everyone gets lazy there.
My favorite things to collect in UK was stones and teddy bears. My favotire teddy bear was forever friends bear. My absolute bible is this comic. Everyone my age say they grew up with salor moon but I wasn't allowed to buy comics back then. When I came back to Japan and was old enough to buy my own stuff, I bought Gokinjyo Monogatari comics by Ai Yazawa. I LOVE her stuff but Gokinyo~ is my favorite:)

Childhood influences - Sketch book

I lived in U.K. for 3 years when I was a small kid. My parents were into traveling, eating, and visiting museums back then. So I was lucky enough to visit almost every famous (and sometimes non famous)museums in Europe. But sometimes me and my sister got tired of seeing giant paintings all day, and my mother decided to hand us a sketchbook. We weren't forced to do anything with it so we would sketch anything we wanted (ofcourse I don't remember most of it since I was so young) Here are some of the things I liked when I was age 4-7.Sketch in Wien Austria. Apperantly I got a signature from some guy...?
Sketch of Matterhorn in Switzerland.
Little souvenir from North York Moors National Park. Probably not allowed. Oops.
Dragonfly sketch.
Sketch of a painting by Marc Shagall. He is still my favorite.