Tuesday, November 9, 2010

doodle night

I swear I didn't try to make this one sexual. I was testing color combos and overlapping them. Oh well, I had fun with this one so it's alllll good! :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Recent inspiration

So you know how girls buy clothes when they get stressed right? Well, my "clothes" is art books. The more I get stressed the bigger the urge is for me to go to a book store. Something about the density of art book I love about, and I can't get enough (and every time I move, I kind of regret buying big books...) So here's my recent finds...

Charley Harper
I adore his simplified yet so detailed animals! I learn a lot from his "editing down" technique and find few shapes that defines that animal.

Gorillaz - Jamie Hewlett
I had an opportunity to sit in the first row of Gorillaz show recently and the art book I got from that show is beyond amazing. First of all, it's BIG. I can see all the strokes Jamie drew. I envy his line strokes so MUCH!
Mary Blair
I might have introduced her before but she is amazing. I imagine her work as retro american. Her choice of colors, painterly graphic shapes, and texture that's created from brush strokes is so effortless. I wish I had a chance to meet her in person.

Seasons - Blexbolex
I found this book in kids book section at Barnes and Nobles. The book immediately caught my eye because of how thick the book was. The book is filled with printmaking looking images and 1 word that describes the image. And the choice of words are so wonderful! It starts from the usual "Summer" "Watermelon" to "Happiness" "Meeting" "Accident". Some of the images hints edgy themes which I love.

Jim Flora
This guy's work reminded me of Tim Biskup. He can draw with lines and without lines which I'm struggling with right now. I learn so much from his use of limited colors and how to use lines as accents.