Thursday, December 9, 2010

Boost high done and done!

Since I started working for Large Animal Games, I have had many opportunities to work on social games from facebook to iphones. But this one is so far the most interesting one. I was a lead artist on the project for The game is not a social game. It's for high school students. They set up a character, and go through daily events to see if the character can graduate or not. This is a educational game so teachers can use this instead of a text book (playing game in school?! whaaaa?). I did UI design/integration, logo design, character design and asset creation. I'm so happy to hear that the game is released! woo hoo!
You can see the preview video here. You have to be a student and the teacher has to register to let you play.

Other games I worked on are...
Bumper Stars -

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Rejected illustrations

So I've been working on invitation/ announcement cards for a company. These are some of the illustrations that got rejected. The main feedback I got was the color choices. Right now I'm studying what colors works when it's printed on a sheet of paper:)