Saturday, January 29, 2011

music and me

So for me, music is one of the essential tool when creating illustration. I draw the best lines if the music matches the illustration. Sketches become a little crazier when music matches my mood. When I'm illustrating, sometimes I have to stop my work and dance in my room (when I don't have a tight deadline haha) I listen to pretty much anything but when I'm illustrating, I can't listen to anything but techno-ey sounds. I think the repetitive notes/beats and bass sound really help me concentrate. Also helps me to draw looser. So here are the list or artists I admire (in no particular order)


Daft Punk




Flying Lotus

Prefuse 73

Massive Attack


Towa Tei



And these are some sketches (heavily) influenced by music.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy New Year! and so far on my Illustrating life

Happy new year! I hope everyone's new year was a great one! My goal for me would be to be a little more bold with the themes I illustrate, and don't be afraid of what people think about my work. I think I got better at illustrating different sexuality, different culture, different things last year so I want to continue exploring that path. That probably also means I need to re-evaluate myself as well. What do I feel comfortable? What am I afraid of? What is my passion? etc etc:)

So these are the things I've been illustrating lately...

New Year New Me.
Many People
I've participated in Sketchbook Project. All the participants gets a sketchbook. You also pick a theme and after that you can do anything to it. I chose "Trading Forever". I did about 22 pages+ of sketch/illustration to tell a story. This exhibition will be touring all over USA so please go see it if you're near WA, CA, ME, NY, DC, IL, GA, TX, FL! More tour details can be found here.