Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We are selling original T-shirts to help Japan! I need your support

I've been working on gathering artists to develop "hearts to Japan" which is a online t-shirt store to raise money to support Japan.

And it's open! And ready for you!

Please help us and support Japan. They need our help more than ever. The news and friend's blog/twitter/facebook posts indicates that there's still lots of (not so) mini earthquakes and slow recovery from tsunami. On top of that, some areas doesn't have electricity, food, water etc etc. But the most heartbreaking thing is how scared, worried, and frightened Japanese are. And the most heartwarming part of the story is how supportive, respectful Japanese are to each other even in a caotic situation.

Not just because I'm Japanese and want to help, I say "Japan needs your help now".

I really appreciate if you can buy a T-shirt, or even better donate to charity.

Thank you so much!

Monday, March 14, 2011

COMING SOON! T-shirt sale to raise money for Japan

So I really wanted to do something for Japan after the earthquake and tsunami. I read so many tweets, facebook posts, mixi posts and various news blogs about this event and I was truly touched by the actions Japanese took when the event happened. Instead of panicing, healthy people started helping others by just yelling "is everyone ok? how can I help?", when the traffic was awful and chaotic on the interstate, no one honked the horn except as a "thank you" gesture, at Disneyland high school kids would give away all their snacks and souvenirs to younger kids, homeless man provides cardboard box to the people waiting in line for the train for hours, etc etc... I spend half day today reading about the stories of PEOPLE.

Then, I wanted to help. And after few hours of brainstorm, I decided to contact the artist I admire as a person and as an artist. So that's how this idea becomes the real thing.

SO... me and other truly talented artist I admire and trust are developing a online t-shirt store. All the funds will be donated to Red Cross and I will try my best to give everyone the visibility into how much money we raise.

I will announce where the online store is VERY SOON! I hope you can take a look at the store:)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Love from Japan

I got some goodies from my family! Yay for inspiration:) And hint hint on the next illustration coming soooooon;)