Friday, February 24, 2012

Project day at work: attempt at more painterly style

We had a project day at our office this week. The idea is that you can create anything you want in 24hours. I know I am not good at painterly style Illustration so my project was to do a painterly style illustration. Overall, it was tough but my co-workers helped me a lot (thank you guys!) I would definitely continue to learn this style more. I would probably change the process to start earlier with coloring and blocking in shapes first.

Anyways, this is my process. 

Final image looks like this.

I used the Gamut thing so I know the range of colors I want to use.

I did a quick thumbnail sketches of what I wanted.

After gathering reference photos, I started sketching.

I did grey scale illustration. This was tough. Finding a light source really helped. I also learned a lot of tricks on how to get proportion right and how to block in shape to get light and shadow. 

 Started including the background color.

 Added colors on the man. I tried to use reds on the eyes, neck, tip of hand, and on the shirt. 

Monster on the right added. I wanted to use a completely different style with this to make the man look like in another world.

Added stuff in the foreground. Very abstract at this point. I want to probably change this in the future...

Overall value adjustments and unifying the whole color scheme by including a yellow overlay.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day illustration: Process

Since I didn't have too much time to create the Valentine's Day Illustration so I totally didn't notice how wonky the legs were. I'll probably re-work this soon. Here's some sketches I did. With color, I didn't have time, so I didn't do any color test. What I did was go to my inspiration blog and looked at what colors I liked.